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I've got a Covercraft Block It Evolution outdoor car cover here. It is custom fitted to the Genesis Coupe, made for one with a spoiler but will obviously still fit a car without one. I used it of an on for about 2 and a half years. It is still in pretty good shape, no tears anywhere but it does have some tire grease marks on it where it would rest on the tires. It has been washed according to Covercraft's instructions after I used it last.

Sorry for the bad pics, they're the best I can do without having my Gen anymore.

This thing did a great job of keeping my car clean after I would wash it since I had no garage to keep it in. It will also protect the paint from UV rays.

These sell for $230 new, I'll let this go for $110 OBO. I would like to sell locally in Louisville, KY, but I'll ship it if need be.


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