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custom 2.0 magnaflow exhaust

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whats up guys i just took a quick video of my custom magnaflow exhaust i had done in the spring. i deleted the second cat, the resonator and used stock tips. the reason i made the video is i m also selling it but wanted you guys to hear it
heres the for sale link

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That sounds great man, so why on Earth are you selling it?
it does sound good, but again why are you selling?
Thanks bro I like iit a lot but its to quiet for me haha. I m going with 7ism bc of the design of it, its so sexyy and no one really has it

I forgot to add I couldn't take any rolling videos or have u see what it sounds like at 7200 rmps instead of 5k. Bc of this god damn snoww lol
Damn that thing is mean... love it.
So u like the design of the 7ism but yet nobody will ever see it unless on a hoist. Speechless...
So I've been checkin out different exhaust videos, and I must say that I'm totally with you on the 7ism decision.


I'm lookin to get some mods to increase my feul economy a scoach, so if I upgrade my exhaust it's 7ism all the way baby!

Are you gonna get it through SFR?
bro i dk what it is about it but everytime i look i want it more and more lol n yea i ll be getting it threw jay when he gets back in march
rizor-epb heres a short video of jays car hes got headers too but they only make a little difference
rizor-epb heres a short video of jays car hes got headers too but they only make a little difference
That's crisp. What I really like about the 7ism exhaust that I think sets it apart from the rest, is that instead of just sounding like a deep free flowing muffler, it sounds like it's just amplifying the sound that the engine makes naturally. I actually prefer that more.

Thanks 1BG for indirectly helping me pick out an exhaust :bigthumbup:

This is the video that sold me on it. It sounds sick inside and outside of the car.

( It's too bad you don't live out this way 1BG, it would be sweet to meet up and check out the rides. Maybe we should propose a nationwide meet somewhere in the middle of the U.S., like Nebraska!!! :rofl: Nah, that's way to much driving.)
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Jays car did it for me but I also watched that video which also made me sell mine n buy it in march
7ism sounds bas azz on a v-6 cpe or hks for a 4
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