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2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track 6MT
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Hey all, first post here. I've been using this forum to do wiring and DIY repairs. Thank you to everyone for all the amazing advice.

I bought my 2012 Gencoupe 3.8 Track Manual about a month ago and took it in for some simple stop lamp switch repairs (brake lights aren't working). Not only did they try to charge me $2000 dollars for the diagnosis, when I declined the service, they gave me my car back barely drivable. I need some serious advice on where to start on this repair.

Keep in mind that this did not occur before taking it to the dealership. This occurs at all full stops. When I push in the clutch, the engine can rev just fine. However, as I transition off the clutch and onto the throttle, I suddenly lose RPMs. I can floor the accelerator as much as I want, but the car stays at idle RPMs, even if I'm in gear. The far stranger part is that if I come entirely off the accelerator, and then get back on, the engine picks up and drives just fine.

The dealership shouldn't have disassembled any engine or transmission components, any idea where to start? I'm a very new hobbyist.
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