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Would you like to have your design skills featured on the Piranha Racewerks
Website Home Page?

We are looking for a talented designer to design our home page and would like
to give that opportunity to one of you.

The selected design will be placed on our website and the creator will be
given a 15% discount on their entire shopping cart when they purchase with
us, or the option to take home $200 in cash!!

Please see our website home page at Piranha Racewerks

The area in red is up for design, the width can be no more than 920 pixels and
we would like to keep the height to no more than 500 pixel.

Feel free to design as you see fit, but please get permission to use any
photos or icons before submitting from the creator.

To be considered you must post a mock up design in this thread and once we
have enough designs we will put a poll up for everyone including us to vote.

Good luck and may the best design win!

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Hey, I could come up with a nice design for you guys but i don't have plans to do any heavy modding to my car... is there anything else you can offer besides a 15% off discount?
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