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DFW Genesis (and others) Friday Meet

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Updated for February

The next Friday night meet will be on Feb. 25th at 7:30PM. We will meet at The Rangers Ballpark in the red parking lot in the map below. We will wait around chat, goof around and whatever else until the majority of rides show up. Will then caravan to the restaurant we all agree on in this post. Let's all try to be there around 8:00PM. After eating we will do a meet photo shoot. Please only post if you will make it. I am going to update the roster each day. Also make sure if you have an extra person joining you to add them in with you so we have a count. Also if you can make it, but you can't get there before 8 PM me and I will give you my number so update you on where we are.

2/25 Roster:
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Regardless of what happens next friday. I'll make an appearance if I have to push my car there. Lol.
I may be in town to pick up some stuff from NXXT. If so, I will try to work it to swing by for a bit before heading back to Houston.
I will be there, probably with one other (AVoiceofReason).
Just posted this on New Tiburon to attract some more people.
I'm a little surprised there isn't more interest. What's up with that? :dunno:

It should be a great night for a meet... the weather is suppose to be good too.
It's early in the week, give it a little more time.
Plus its winter and tax time. People aren't as free this time of year for one reason or another.
good luck getting around that area. that whole area will be closed for the super bowl lol just a fyi since i work at don davis toyota
It should still be open on Friday from what I understand.
good luck getting around that area. that whole area will be closed for the super bowl lol just a fyi since i work at don davis toyota
The Super Bowl isn't for another week. They aren't going to close main roads for a week. And like the OP said only post if you are coming. Anything negative will deter people from coming. Thanks.
Greg! Why aren't you coming?!
I'll be there :D just look for the guy in the Genesis with two broken bumpers and keeps getting pulled over by every single cop :(
We are looking at 9 possible vehicles, maybe 10 if a buddy of mine tags along.
AVoiceofReason won't be driving... he'll be riding with me.
Daniel make vincent come.
He's apparently taking a flex course on the weekends :(

And his lady fraaannnnn -__^
Friday isn't the weekend lol. Anyways looks like we have 7 for sures. Lets get this thing a little bigger.
Things still look like I may be in Dallas that day. As previously states, I will try to swing by if I can.
Gus, that weekly quote has been more like a monthly quote. lol! /threadjack
1 - 20 of 128 Posts
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