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Today was a nice day. I decided to get out my gTech pro and have at it. For those who don't know, this little toy can do timed measurents (0-60, q-mile. 60-0 etc.) As well as it can do horsepower and torque.
For my first run i didn't use TC, and launched at around 2300 (8 speed auto)...
My first try was 4.77 not to bad for the first time.
Second was with TC on and same launch rpm and it was 5.36
Tried launching higher at 2500 but just spun way to much and was a high 5.8
Soon as I was about to try 2000 rpm and 1800 rpm it started raining.
I think i should be able to get a little better than a 4.77, so maybe tomorrow or so I'll give it another go. And yes I did do a hp/tq pull as well. I didn't take a pic so i wasn't gonna mention it. But...
In Delaware at J tune automotive i dynoed at 313(corrected from 296)hp and 272 torque corrected from 266. Temp was 101.5° and humidity was 59.6% on the day i dunked. The gTech had me at 300 hp/276 tq.
Much like a Dyno these numbers should only be used as a baseline to show improvements from upgrades. Instead of a Dyno every time you go do something to your car, you can use one of these gtechs and see the difference.


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