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I want to start off by saying I love this forum group and my phone decided to auto correct "Rim" to "Tim" lol. Anyway while I'm on IG I look at Gencoupes often and when I see something with something along the lines of the same look I want I ask the setup. I was recently given this.

19x11 -16 front, with 25mm spacer.
20x12 -27 rear, with 30mm spacer.

Now I've done a little bit of searching but haven't seen different rim sizes yet only width of course due to us having a stock staggered setup. My question is, can this be done and won't cause a safety and longevity issue? Also any tire size suggestions if I was to do this? I recently heard of the m4 gts doing a similar size off the lot. Here's a pic of the car and the owner (If you want to follow)

I have a 2013 R-Spec 3.8 and I greatly appreciate those who participate all input is taken in and considered. Thanks in advanced guys.


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