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Yes, you read the title correctly. I did my own muffler delete with a Harbor Freight flux welder and zero welding experience.

I have a 2013 3.8 Track. Long story short, the muffler shop here wanted over $600.00 to do it. That seemed way too high considering there are only two bolts holding on the stock muffler and there is only a few feet of piping needed to do the exhaust. I said what the heck, lets try it myself. Picked up a welder during the parking lot sale for less than $90. I also used a 3" flange, two 90 degree bends, dual exhaust tips, a pre -fabbed Y-pipe (magna flow) and I needed an additional foot of pipe to account for the exhaust being slightly off-center. I practiced welding on some old piping I had in the garage, did a test fit of all the parts and went to work. Took me about two hours to get it all put together, but I'm satisfied with the results. The way I put it all together, it can be unbolted and the stock muffler can be put back on if I want to. Link below for the video.


I'm maybe $300.00 total in to this (parts and welding stuff). The welds look like trash, but it is on the bottom of the car so I don't care. If you can find a professional to do it for less than that, you might be better off paying them. In my situation this was the best bet. I have my custom exhaust and now I know how to weld.. sort of... :grin:
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