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Disclaimer: This is just my recommended process for replacing brake lines & therefore is not the rule. In addition, I am no technician or hold any technical credits at any school in any form. Work at own risk & spend the extra time to take safety measures when lifiting your vehilcle.

Needed tools: 10, 12, 14, 16mm wrenches, 11mm line wrench, pliers, mallet/hammer, oil catch pan, jack stands (4), floor jack, new bottle of brake fluid, extra person for bleeding process. Your car will need to be on jack stands or a lift for this job. I give this a 2 out of 5 difficulty with 5 being the greatest difficulty.

Remove all 4 wheels to ease access to the brakes
- Start by loosening the line bolt in the back of the caliper with 12mm hex or line wrench, but not to the point brake fluid leaks out
- On the front brakes, you will have a 10mm supporting bolt that is mounted in the strut clamp & holding the line up out of the way, remove it
- Remove the clip that holds the line in place with a pair of piers by pulling out on it until it is free
- Break the line loose from the line going to the pump by using 16mm to hold line at bottom & use 11mm box style line wrench to hold upper line to the pump
- Repeat these steps for all 4 calipers
- Take out your new lines & match them to their corresponding one, *note; front lines are longer
- Put a recovery oil pan under the corner you are about to work on
- All lines should only be about hand tight, so remove bolt out of caliper 1st, then as line dangles, remove from upper line
- Install new line reverse order doing the upper connection 1st then to the caliper using new bleeder screws if supplied (the KPRs I got were 14mm) *note; do not tighten hardware, only snug down
(I know brake fluid dripped everywhere, but that's what the pan is for. It's Ok, because this will keep from getting air in the lines, whereas removing all the fluid at 1st would)
- Install the 2 front 10mm brake line retainer screws & torque down, there should still be movement of the line
- Adjust the line so that there is slack throughout
- Torque down all the caliper & line nuts
- Reinstall the clip into the line to hold it in place up top where meets other line, you will need to tap in with hammer
- Remove filler cap & add brake fluid to full mark *note; don't overfill
or at this point you could flush system
- Bleed system


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Great write up. I got my lines coming in the mail as I write, so this was perfect timing on ur part to write a DIY for us.
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