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Here's a quick DIY of some wheel painting (rattle can).
I did this awhile ago and thought i share...

Color: satin black (NOT matte or flat black). there's a slight difference.

19" 4 wheels, 3 different colored wheels (only 2 colors are shown)

step 1: mask wheels where you don't want paint on (green or blue 3M-- very time consuming)

step 2: sand down wheels with 400 grit. 300 or 200 will work as well. make sure all clear coat is stripped down.

step 3: clean wheel

step 4: you can spray primer (i chose to skip this step)

step 5: i went ahead and spray down the satin black spray.
i use the roll bar satin black spray paint. i bought 4 cans. roughly 1 can per wheel. 2-3 coats of paint. 5-10 min in between each coat.
i also took the time and painted the inside and outside of wheel barrel as well.

step 7: let dry (i left it overnight)

step 8: take masking tape off

step 9: done!

here's a final result:

on my other car:

thanks for looking!

next up. how to clean your dull headlights
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