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Dr ColorChip - Group Buy? Team Buy Discount + Split UPS Shipping/Brokerage?

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Are people interested in group buying this? The touch up pens from Hyundai are horrible and lets face it, with the thin paint there will be rock chips eventually (I got 2 in the first weekend of ownership)

Dr ColorChip offers only 10% off if buying 2 kits but maybe we can email and setup a group buy for our members? I sent them an email to see what they can offer as a group discount.

Dr.ColorChip Custom Automotive Touch-Up Paint Kit - Dr. ColorChip: Automotive Paint Chip Repair Systems

If there is no interest or they dont offer a group buy rate, anyone want to split a purchase in Toronto? (get 10% discount and half price shipping/brokerage). I am ordering NGA Tsukuba Red.

People from other parts of Canada can setup team buys amongst the local geographic area in this thread too if we can't get the group discount.

They ship to Canada via UPS...

1 Order
Subtotal $39.00
Shipping & Processing $17.75
Tax $0.00
Total $56.75

2 Orders with discount and split the shipping/brokerage
Product Total $78.00
Discount -$7.80
Subtotal $70.20
Shipping & Processing $18.95
Tax $0.00
Total $89.15
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I'd probably be down to order some Silverstone. Their Tsukuba was a perfect match on my wifes so hopefully the silverstone is just as good.
IF we can get a reasonable group order together, I'd be in, for sure. Might be able to touch up the two egg hits on the side of mine. :(
I'd be down for 2, not in Canada though :O
They want 100 ppl in the group buy in order to get 15% off

Otherwise the 10% off discount continues...

Anyone want to split an order in Toronto.
Im ordering NGA Tsukuba Red and you can order whatever colour you require.
We can meet up afterwards when it arrives.
Hey man, did you end up getting this stuff? Just wondering if you did, and if it works well.
no i just used the hyundai touch up pen and it is crap, filled in with red paint, then covered with a gob of clear coat just to prevent rust

i now have 2-4 chips in the bumper (mid and lower but its plastic so i dont care) and 2 chips on the passenger door and a chip on the hood (which i do care cause it will eventually rust)

im sure it works great filling in the chipped holes but i find its unavoidable for me (hell i got a 3m shield on the hood and i still got chipped above the protection line lol....shoulda saved the money and not do the 3m shield)
lol yeah same dilemma here. My hood got scratched/chipped to sh*t these past few months. I didn't get the 3m stuff though. I may just order the Dr. Chip kit and see how it works. The DIY videos seem to be pretty promising...
The system looks good, expensive though... I'm guessing the key would be to finding out what exactly the blending solution is, and you can probably make it work with a Hyundai paint pen.

Chances are it's acetone based.

Let us know how it works.
To be completely honest, I think I will be going in a completely different direction with my paint chip fix. I was originally going to just get this product to fill in a few chips, but after much self debate I think I will have to go the professional route. I have far too many chips in the front bumper to be able to fix myself, and one on the roof (I know, retarded) that had already started to show signs of rust. Yes, the dreaded car cancer. So basically its all or nothing, I have to get that professionally re-coated.

I'm going to re-paint and 3m the front bumper, 3m the front 1/4 panels, vinyl my sequence sides, get a CF hood w/3m and vinyl the roof. Go f**k yourself rocks!
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