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Does anyone know what the NHRA stock classification is for the 3.8?

From what I have found on line the IHRA follows the NHRA stock classification system (my local track is IHRA sanctioned).

However, I cannot find a formula to determine what class the 3.8 GenCoupe would run in.
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I found the answer.

I spoke to a NHRA tech on the phone. He explained that each auto manufacture works directly with the NHRA to submit certified specs on all of the manufactures vehicles.

As he explained it, the NHRA stock classification guide, defines each class by assigning a base category, which represents the ratio of a vehicles shipping weight, CID and horsepower, etc that factors a base-line, to position a vehicle within its proper weight class break.

The NHRA has never received these certified specifications from Hyundai on any of its vehicle lines.

So no Hyundai’s have an assigned NHRA class in their rulebook.

His short answer is to just show up and they will handicap the vehicle. If the ET is below 13.99 a helmet is required and there are no octane restrictions.
The NHRA has never received these certified specifications from Hyundai on any of its vehicle lines.
lol good luck to anyone trying to get Hyundai to send the specs to NHRA. Itd Be nice of you to let them do a base-line of the Genesis. Are you completely stock exigentxyz?
Well yes and no!

I switch out my base 2010 3.8’s differential with a stock rear-end from a 2.0T (AT), with a final drive gear of 4.2:1. … I do feel a big difference … it does tend to slam one back in the seat.

This switch might be a good fix to compensate for the deficiency noted by some on-line reviewers:

Edmund’s (among others) have noted “ … (3.8 GenCoupe) did not accelerate as quickly as we had hoped … the stock 3.8 did a quarter-mile in 14.5 seconds at 97.9 mph … & … the 3.8 Track ran the 1/4 in 14.1 @ 99.3.”

Also, as there are no octane restrictions: I have a “fuel bulk plant” in my area, which sells 109 octane unleaded racing fuel in 5-gallon fuel cans.

I tried a few gallons last fall, adding only about one gallon of racing fuel to three gallons of pump premium (before the gear change) and the cars response was excellent. There were no negative effects from using this gas.

I also tested Nulon Pro Strength and NF Racing Formula octane booster using less than the recommended per gallon ratio to unleaded premium pump gas and was again very happy with the boost in performance.

Again, I experienced no negative effects from using these products and of course this is not something I would do on a regular basis. But for race day I don’t see a problem.

The one drawback I foresee is a serious traction problem getting off the line and I suspect that if I added traction bars it would mean they will handicap me into a much tougher class.

Also I don’t think I would like the resulting change in the cars looks, so for now I’ll forego the traction bars.

I won’t know till spring what cumulative effect these three changes together might result in on ET’s for the base 3.8 but I hope to break into the 13’s.

I’m open to other performance upgrades but as of now the $$$ per hp increment increase does not seem very cost effective.
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