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Dual chamber explained by ark performance inc

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Please refer to this thread.

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Did you really need to start a thread to link to a thread?
We had the original post up for a while. This was generally in response to the public so all comments and suggestions should be forwarded to that thread.
Begging for attention much?
Nice video, but very alluding from the point.
Here is the link to the original post that questioned things:

Mods may want to add this to the end or OP of that thread too while there at it.
Please don't create new threads about this issue. That goes doubly for creating a thread to link to another thread about the old thread. If you have something new to add, please send one of the mods a PM and let us know so we can unlock the other thread like Kamkaze posted, or we can just move the post into that thread for now.
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