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So I decided to perform the easy stock intake modification on my new Ultimate (warning picture heavy). I chose not to remove the OEM part and to cut out the fins instead. I went this route in order to avoid the bumper sag mentioned earlier. I noticed that the mod did help to reduce hesitation when accelerating, especially in 1st and 2nd gears.

Overall it was pretty easy and I could have just used the carpet knife to make all of the cuts rather than the cutting wheel.

Tools: Safety glasses, gloves (rubber, leather, etc.), blue tape, pliers, cutting wheel, carpet knife, and air hose (to blow off debris).

OEM part:

All taped up:

Let the cutting begin:

Now for the trimming and removal:

Nearly done:

Finished product:

That was it! Also, the melted plastic came off when I used the air hose to blow off the dust and debris. Just make sure to let the plastic cool and don't touch/smear it or you'll probably have more issues.

Hope this helps somebody.
Final verdict on this mod? Is it worth doing? Cuz if it is I will do it this weekend :)
61 - 62 of 62 Posts