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HI, im new in this forum..

So a couple days ago I unplugged my negative from the battery to turn off my CEL, since I removed my 2nd Cat, it is the second time I´ve done that.
When I connected back again all was cool, so I waited for my car to warm up completely, and in my first hard pull I didin't get any response, turbo didn't hit, so I turned the car off and on and got my power back, all that is good now, the gen is responding as usual.
So later when I got out of work I turn on my car and I noticed Traction Control is off, button wont respond, after a minute or less, the light goes off, Traction Control is working, but the button won't turn it back off, its kinda boring to be always with Traction Control on, anyways....
Next day on the morning I started my car and airbag light comes on, it turns off as usual but in less than 2 seconds it comes back on.
I don't know what the problem is. It's been a really rainy days where I am from, and I have no fenders dust covers, maybe some water got in a place that shouldn't have.

Any help or opinion is helpful.

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