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Hi KDM's...
I'm writing here because i'm very scared...
I'm not very good at cars so don't judge me please,
Yesterday I met with my friend who is mechanic and he sad that my dual mass flywheel is bad.
He did a Little test. He stop the engine with clutch and without. Without clutch i heard a litte rinke from transsmision...
A second test was downshifting, from 3-2. There was litte rinkle too..
But on idle there wasn't any rinkle...
Do you think that this is DM Flywheel?
The second problem that changing this in my country costs 1 thousnd dollars... and i must wait one Month for the parts.
This is my daily car, do you think that driving with this could damage my engine? I must driving like that for one Month.
My friend said that without rinkle on idle is not that bad but still i need to replace it.
What do you thing?
There were some cases that DM Flywheel destroyed bearings or something?
Please calm down me 😢
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