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Eibach Pro-Street-S questions

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Anyone have these installed?
Narrowing down my choices and it seems the community is pretty complimentary on
1. ARK
2. Stance
3. BC

I was just curious if the Eibach Kit was equally as good?
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I don't think any active members have these as they have not been heavily advertised. Eibach is the premium brand when it comes to suspension products, so rest assured that they are every bit as competitive as the rest. The only downside is the coils they offer only lower a maximum of 2.2". The good thing is your car will not see additional benefit from going even lower unless you're going full race.

Other than that, the spring rates are nice and will offer a nice ride. :)
I got them on my car after a lot of research and debate... wanted to go with KW, but they currently only make Variant 3 which run $2,000 or so and will only benefit you if you go to the track with your car. My ride is just weekend car and only sees nice weather so its a bit overkill....long story short, I love my eibach kit. The ride is above average...better than my buddies who has Stance... plus if I'm not mistaken the eibach is stainless steel...will hold up longer
Keep in mind the Eibach coilovers are designed as a street system so don't expect as much as a performance gain as you would with Stance for example. Hence the Eibachs are only height adjustable while Stance also allows you to adjust damping as well.

The Eibach Pro-Street coilovers are similar in design to the KW v1.
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