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To start things off, I bought this 2012 Genesis coupe for $7350 Cash off of craigslist(just being honest right off the bat). This car had one bad tire in the real, so I replaced both rears the next day and went in for inspection and emissions testing. It failed both, mostly due to me being an idiot. It failed inspection because of different color indicators which I had already purchased before inspection but never switched them out. Alos the washer fluid line wasn't connected properly, so we failed that also. Two more minor issues were that a wheel stud was chipped and half gone, so we took care of that, my mechanic said it was ok to drive on for a while but, I replaced it anyways. The last issue was that both plate lights were burnt out another easy fix. This is where it get fishy, the emissions, it failed emissions or rather wasn't tested because it didn't have 200 miles on the new battery or something so they said fix those things and put 200 miles on it and bring her back. This is where my check engine light comes on. There was no light before we reached the 200-mile mark but, a little bit after maybe 10-15 miles, or so it came on. As soon as I got home I popped her open, and it was hot, a little too hat for a 15 min drive. I saw the coolant was completely empty so I filled it up, and all I thought was good. I started the car and the light is gone, or so I thought. It went away for another 15 miles but low and behold she came back on. I took it up to auto zone and got the codes read, and it said it was the camshaft position sensor. I bought a new one and swapped it out but not the second and the light never went away. I bought purchased a performance tool obd2 scanner for $18 and scanned it myself. This time I got a code for P0014, I can't recall what my code from the obd2 used at auto zone was. So after all that bullshit and my story on my genny here is my real question; P0014 the code currently being outputted by my scanner, what is the worse case scenario and what would be the best case scenario. Also note I think there may be a belt loose because I hear a squeaking coming from either the tensioner or some other belt, though I can't pinpoint the sound myself I'm pretty sure its a loose belt or something related. Through googling my code it leads me in so many different directions I don't know where to start, they range from changing the oil because it may have debris in it or some valve stuck open. Any recommendations are welcome; I might take it back up to Autozone tomorrow and have them rescan it because their scanner goes into more detail.

Important info:
  • No REPORTED accidents according to car fax
  • Fender liners tore to sh!t along with paint on the front side of the car (May have been a drift car), the shop I bought it from had plenty laying around
  • Bought April 30th and only have a 30 days before I need to get it inspected and emissions ran again
  • The car was bought at auction as a shell and had new engine and transmission put in along with a new interior
  • Odometer reads 82,XXX but seller claimed around 50k (any way to test to see how many miles the engine actually has?)
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