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Engine cooling mods for the Gencoupe

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So summer is only a few months away. I'm thinking of buying and collecting some cooling mods by the time summer approaches to avoid the crazy desert heat(upto 132*F)!! So far on the list:

a) Intake manifold spacer(Beyond Redline or GrimmSpeed...dunno which one to buy, but I think the materials differ)
b) Mishimoto radiator
c) Venair silicon hoses

Is there anything else? What about a thermostat? What does it actually do and is it effective? A bigger Mishimoto radiator fan maybe?
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This is what I have thus far for cooling system & keeping temps down in engine bay:

-Silicon radiator hoses (MODE)
-Aftermarket radiator (Mishimito)
-Aftermarket radiator cap (Mishimito)
-160 degree Thermostat (GrimmSpeed) - not using currently
-Throttle body coolant bypass

-Turbo Blanket (ProjectPTP)
-Heat wrap tape for EM & DP (ProjectPTP)
-SS exhaust manifold heat shield (MAP)
-CAI w/surround block off from engine heat (CP-e)
-P&P w/ceramic coating turbo, intake & exhaust manifold (MAP)
-Intake Manifold Thermal Barrier Gasket (Exceladyne)
-SS 2x thick exhaust gaskets (head>exhaust manifold, manifold to turbo & turbo to downpipe) (Grimmspeed)
-Race FMIC & wrinkle coated piping (Buschur)
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Look up design engineering Inc. They have a ton of thermal stuff. Just by wraping my exhaust, using their radiator relief and different fan control my under hood temps are way down.
Yeah DEI is good. I actually deal their products, so shout at me if you need something. :)
My mods so far for cooling:

-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Intake Manifold

-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Throttle Body

-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Stock Turbo

-Grimmspeed Phenolic spacer

-GrimmSpeed 160 deg. Thermostat

-elite auto engineering heat shields

-ark grill (have seen and avg of 2-5 degrees cooler intake temps with this grill)

-venair radiator hoses

-1.3 kg/cm2 rad cap
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Abstract, I can throw in a 160* thermostat for free if you buy the radiator. Almost forgot to mention that. lol
Thanks for the input folks. This gives me a good idea on what to get. I will check out Design Engineering Inc. and see what I can get.

Thanks Tom. I will be getting all my cooling mods from you. I know that you got the best deals on Mishimoto products :D You've got PM!!
DEI is where I got my heat wrap straps.
What about a Meth kit?
Tufast/Kamkaze, which mods do you recommend of those listed above for good bang-for-buck that are easy DIY projects (I am mechanically inclined but very new to mods. I am looking for anything that might be simple to improve engine life, reduce wear, etc.

I leave my hood open for now in my garage for an hour after driving and the block is still very hot to the touch...doesn't seem like that's a good thing (and that's driving in Seattle weather too!)

-Silicon radiator hoses (MODE)
What advantages would a silicon rad hose have over stock rubber hoses in terms of cooling?
It's also a good idea to seal off all the gaps that allow air to blow by instead of through the radiator. There are two gaps on the left and right side where the radiator sits on the oem intercooler.

If you use an upgraded FMIC and kept the oem intercooler in place to hold the radiator, air can still exit through the OEM intercooler. I find it helpful to block off the face of the oem intercooler.
I have the phenolic IM spacer. I took the drivers side fog bezel and ventilated it. Don't want to do the passenger side as it would allow too much rain water to hit the air filter. I have put a baffle between the air filter and engine compartment. This stops the pull of air from inside the engine compartment on that side of the air filter. I need to seal off the areas between the IC-condenser-radiator and open the bumper cover up in front of the APG IC.

I've ordered the Forge silicone radiator hoses. Where as the hoses don't help reduce heat directly they can take the increased pressure of a 19 lb radiator cap. The Forge upper hose also is one piece. This eliminates the metal to metal contact of the OEM radiator coupler pipe under the IM. I don't have this yet but also plan to see if I can wrap the upper hose in some sort of radiant barrier.

An oil cooler is a must and what I have is marginal it appears. But still kept the oil temp a lot lower that without it. I've also installed an aux cooler for the PS. Got rid of the aluminum loop pipe that is OEM. Need to bypass the heated water that goes through the PS pump mount. I think this adds a lot of heat to the PS system.

Yesterday I tried to install some leds to indicate what fan speed is running, hi or low. With the BR tune the low speed fan is on all the time unless the high speed fan comes on. The fan stays on regardless of vehicle speed. It appears the only time the high speed fan is on is due to hi pressure in the AC system. I could not get the hi speed fan to come on at any temp below 225F. I guess a manual switch for track days may be in order to force the hi speed fan on.
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If you jumper the low speed fan resistor plug the low speed fan will be the same as the hi speed fan.
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