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Engine cylinder head

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So my original head says 8-2.0L #3 and has circle holes and my one I just got says 8-2.0L #1 and has square holes does that matter
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Looks like the enlarged the holes. Those must be oil drain holes?
ok, so basically I’m just wondering if it would still work or if it will mess something up when I put the engine back together
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What does the front center of the head look like between the cams? Is there a rubber tube to direct oil to the front of the timing cover?

Like this

Your pic the back of the head?
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so there’s this rubber thing on the timing cover and all the pictures have been the front of the head
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So that's for the intake cam solenoid valve? As long as your mating piece lines up I would say the bigger the holes the better.
This is what it looks like, and what do you mean mating piece
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