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Evo turbo

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Does anyone know the update on the Evo turbo swap for the genesis coupe 2.0t? Is it ok to swap and reliable and everything?
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there is a big thread on this search buddy
EVO 8/9 or X?
From what i got from that huge thread, all you'll need is the manny, a new downpipe and the turbo itself? Where to get the manny i've no idea. How to get it installed? I've no idea.. hah sorry
They have the kits available, but there is no canned tune to sell with it.
Elite Autosport sells their Evo 8/9 manifold & downpipe kit already.

Evo 8/9 kit -
- available from Elite Autosport, no canned tune. their test car ran 336whp on E85 Ethanol using a CMD to tune.

SE Evo X kit -
- available from Synapse Engineering, canned tune is being written as you read this by Crawford Performance using PowerAXEL flash software. we did a couple dyno runs with another tuner who tried his hand at it, we didnt really get a good pass for power, but we WERE able to spool 22lbs @ 2800rpm. Using 91 pump we're figuring 300whp+ though how much not sure. Running E85 will of course yield more power.

Strk Evo X kit -
- in development. will probably tune with TurboXS flash I think.

** for any turbo upgrade you NEED upgraded fuel injectors (550s minimum, 750s recommended) a throttle side BOV, recommend a low restriction exhaust also. my car is being baselined using a stock intercooler. the Evo 8/9 test car did as well. you'll also need to upgrade the clutch, at least soon after installation, the OEM clutch wont hold up long.
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Thanks Quartermaster! this helps a lot actually.. I was complicating everything it seems -.- However, I checked both sites (synapse, and Elite) and couldn't find a kit on either one? I'm basically looking for Kit then price tag.
PM me and I'll get you the price tag for the Synapse kit, I worked with them to build the first kit on my car, it's getting tuned right now as you read this. the elite kit... I'm pretty sure it's on their site somewhere. PM dennis david for info on that kit.
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