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Exhaust / Driveshaft Suggestions...

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So I am looking into the HKS Legamax MidPipe..
Anybody know how much HP increase it comes with??

Also if anybody knows of a better exhaust upgrade for less than $650, please lemme know. Something Loud but not
looking for UNWANTED attention from police.

Lastly, I would like to install an Aluminum Driveshaft.
Would this have to be a custom job? Price?
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I just saw a youtube video of
custom catback exhaust and it sounded great..

Any reviews yet??
Im sure you can get a magnaflow for a decent price with some good searching. And the driveshaft will have to be a custom job. So custom means $$$. But if you really have to have one check Unitrax and see what they can do.
driveshaft shouldnt be too expensive, Im sure one of the popular manufacturers (there are many) would be willing to work with you to prototype one.

If you find a source, let me know.
Thanks for the replies..
Magnaflow it is, so I will try to find a more decent one...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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