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Exhaust...TBE Vs CBE

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Total Noob here...seriously, But I have to ask since Im confused as @#&$

What's the difference performance-wise between a TBE and CBE...I've pretty much set my heart on the CP-E CBE...but was wondering if I should stop there or actually go get the DP along with it.

Guess what I am really after is the answer to this...Why the DP ?

Just need help really understanding the whole workings of an exhaust setup I guess.

Thanks in advance for the inputs.
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The restriction on the factory exhaust is at the cat. A downpipe would really open up the restriction by eliminating the cat.

Be aware that running no cat is illegal in some states and most likely you will not pass smog. That is why CPE offers the option to weld a high flow cat on the downpipe.

The cat back exhaust will sound more sporty, but to get some real gain you will need the turbo back (ideally with a ECU tune, since the downpipe will lean out the car at Wide Open Throttle)

Hope that helps.
One thing you could do is start with a catback and see how you like it. If you just feel that you want more, then you can add a down pipe and test pipe. Just note that a down/test pipe will also make the car considerably louder too.

BTW, you might want to check out Injen and ARK exhausts as well. ;)
I vote CP-e downpipe and exhaust combo if you already have your mind set on the CP-e CBE. Having the same manufacturer gives me the confidence that there are absolutely no issues with fitment
here's a example of loudness of a TBE with test pipe

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