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feeler:custom magnaflow exhaust 2.0

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hey guys i m looking to sell my custom magnaflow exhaust its considered a cat back its all stock piping but i deleted the resonator and installed a universal muffler to stock tips. its all welded and has about 5,000 miles i m upgraded and seeing what i can get i m asking 300 i ll ship it for the 300 if its not to much which i cant see it being more then 40. i dont have pictures and all i have is an inside video. if all the snow is melted this weekend i will be taking pics and more videos from the out side let me know.

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Btw guys this would fit the v6 also the axle back and if anyone just wanys the axle back I ll knock it down figured I would save the trouble if anyone didn't want the resonator
im interested, let me know when you have pics up
will do bro i m going to try and get good pics this weekend, i m not sure about a better video bc we re suppose to get more snow :(
yea, i think we are spose to get alot more. like tomorrow and this weekend and tuesday i think
Yea we got hit with 15 inches so I ll see what the best pics under the car I can get since its in my tent
BUMP! This exhaust sounds really great in person :) Not super loud but has a great deep growl.

GLWS brother.
updated with a video couldnt get any drivin ones bc i dont want to take it out in the snow lol
still got this?
bottom dollar?

its stock piping with a testpipe and a universal muffler right?
sorry i sold it, but if u wanna make your own iits a universal muffler welded to stock tips and removed the resonator. when looking for mufflers search under camaros and firebird its the same muffler
Hey, could you tell me what the actual magnaflow muffler is? I have been thinking about just replacing the stock muffler with a Magnaflow one like i did on my Scion Tc. If anyone has clips of a setup like this on the 2.0t please let me know
its a magna flow muffler for a 82-2002 camaro firebird ect... ins 1 inlet n 2 outlets
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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