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Expanding on the Variable Gear Ratio Table and with more and more people getting into heavy boost and other such engine modifications it's often forgotten to check to see if the filter that came with a kit isn't a restriction itself.

The following calculators allow you to size your filter to your engine or turbocharger based on a few specs that should be readily available with your parts. There is an additional calculator to make sense of some of those turbo maps that are frequently handed out or people told to read. See this thread to help with that though but the calculators are there to help anyways.

There are notes abound on the spread sheet itself, READ THEM!

Before you start messing about with it, save a copy of the original just incase
you f*ck it up.

Everything that is suppose to adjust based on a specific change, will do so automatically without you changing the whole thing.

If there is something missing from the spread sheet you'd like to see or just something you'd like added, leave a comment and I'll get to it when I can.

Filter sizing calculators

Created with MS Excel 2003, older versions will need an update, newer versions or modern versions of OpenOffice will have no issues with it.

v1.0 - initial release.
v1.1 - added stuff for strokers.

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