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Finally got my VIS cf grill and...

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It looks great but fitment is terrible. When the grill is lined up and screwed on it sits between 1/4-1/2 inch to high and i cannot close the hood. Also not all 6 screws line up. A few of them are off by about 1/8inch (some are too high/low and some are to far right/left), which is not bad but being that these screws expand theres no room for play. I also had to expand the screw holes themselves with a flathead screwdriver just to fit them in. Not sure if i got a bad batch or what. I knew i should have gotten the type D :(
Hopefully i can exchange

Passenger side view

Head on view with gap underneath the grill

Drivers side view
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I believe you have to shave away those tabs that the factory grille screwed into. It's the same way with the M&S type D if you don't shave down those tabs.
Which tabs? I was thinking the same but in these pictures its only held up by the screws, nothing else. Even if i did shave the tabs down it would still sit to high since the screws are what keep it in place. The only way it sits flush is if i just rest it against the bumper but then the screw holes dont line up

Oh ok i think i see what you're saying. But even still it would sit too high. Those tabs are not making contact with the grill.
I'm pretty sure you still gotta cut them off. I had to cut mine off for my Type D, so more than likely, this is the same deal.
I don't see why I would have to. Importshark website says no modification necessary. The tabs are not what's causing it to sit high as they don't even touch the grill. Its has to be the 6 screws because that's the only thing holding it up. The grill is basically 'floating' above the bumper
the black 'box' that is behind the grill... check that... it might be resting on that but yeah I'd be pissed, I never noticed how thin and flimsy that grill looks
Not sure if this applies to Cf but when I installed a few FG parts I used a heat gun on low setting to fix some fitment issues similar to you'rs. Looks like the 1st 90degree bend under the screws is incorrect. The heat gun will make it more pliable, just use it on the back side and don't concentrate on one area too long to avoid yellowing of the clear coat.

Just my opinion.
Yea, it's definitely installed wrong. I'll get back to your PM with instructions to do it properly.
Ive got a feeling ive got a dud lol. There are 6 tabs on the back to are supposed to slide into the tabs on the bumber. If this is true, then the tabs are facing the wrong way and theres nothing to slide them into. The 6 tabs line up perfectly with the 6 mounting points that the oem grill uses, so you would assume to use the screws from the grill right? Wrong. There are no holes in the tabs for screws lol.

Dont mind the paper. im using because the camera couldn't pick up the tabs as for the
lack of contrast.
This is the lower portion, back of the grill, face down

The only way to slide the tabs in would be if they pointed straight into the air rather than back into the grill.

Anybody with this grill want to shed some light :eek:
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I wish I could remember everything, but I do remember it took like 10 mins to put on,and the fitment was perfecto. IDK. Thats weird
so the tabs don't go into anything? have you tried putting the bottom of the grill in first then the screws up top?
I could put the bottom on first but there'd be nothing holding it in place. The tabs line up to the 6 mounting points that the oem grill uses but that's it. No way to mount it. Can't slide them into anything because they face the wrong way and can't screw them in because there's no holes
looks just like ARK's CF grill fitment :rofl:
thats how mine was 1.put tabs in first 2.have a budy push on the grill to help the holes lone up the fit is 100percent great its made like that so it fits flush
Not sure which "tabs" your talking about. Thats what i've been asking most of this thread.

The bottom of the grill does seem to catch the tabs the red arrow points at HERE But not securely. Even if they did fit there it wouldnt address that the 6 holes for the screws sit to low.

The only way the grill sits flush with the bumper is if it just rests against it or goes into the tabs in the above picture but then the holes are to low.

The only way the the holes line up is if i just put the screws in first but then the grill sits to high.

I've already tried putting the bottom in first and the the top and it doesnt work. Cf doesnt "stretch" and thats what i would need for it to work

With the bottom of the grill somewhat secure and flush i get this:

Screw holes dont line up.

Not to mention I need stretchy cf

and NO, i cant push it in any further :)
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Put the tabs on the BOTTOM in first u can see them n force it up I'm telling u it will 100% line up
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