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flutter noise when flooring at low rpm's

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i have an intake and exhaust and when i give it a lot of gas at low rps it makes this fluttering noise untill the rpms get higher that just because of my intake?
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I drove it for a while last night and concluded the fluttering noise is driver error. If you are in the correct gear and accelerating at the right pace it won't happen.
I installed a cone filter to my 2013 aswell. I can hear the fluterring noise when its held at max boost for a while. Sent from the thing in my hand.
Same here. After K&N install when you floor it the boost pings at 15 psi and sounds like a rattlesnake. Drop gear, this is compressor surge. More rpm’s with help this. I heard bovs help. It’s the turbo trying to catch up. Needs the engines help. Anyone else that can way in? I’m curious
21 - 22 of 22 Posts