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The Ford Focus Electric, like other EVs on the way to market, will give owners the ability to travel without ever visiting a gas station. That's a very compelling reason to go green, and Ford tells us that its upcoming EV has a lot more going for it than just its lack of petrol. For example, when does an electric car need an oil change? Never, and you'll also never have to give another thought to oil, fuel or air filters.

Another typical service expense is the tune up, but without spark plugs, plug wires, a radiator or power steering fluid, there won't be a lot to replace, flush or fill. You'll also never have to worry about a muffler, water pump, serpentine belt or starter.

Hit the jump to look over Ford's list of the top 25 things you won't have to service in a new Focus Electric. The list includes "battery" as one of the items you won't have to service or replace during the first 150,000 miles of life. Talk about your low-cost service experience... as long as the big and expensive lithium ion battery works as advertised.

Gallery: CES 2011: Ford Focus Electric

Live photos copyright (C)2011 Damon Lavrinc / AOL

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