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Forge motorsport BOV

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I just got a forge motorsport bov for my 2013 genesis coupe. I have a sfr stage 0 tune which shouldnt affect the psi. It feels like after the install there is a power cut at high rpms and when im flooring it the bov is hissing. Is this normal and in my head or is something wrong. It came with different springs for psi and I am considering trying the yellow spring thats rated to 15-23 psi. I hit peak 15psi currently
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You should be using the yellow spring. The default peak boost of a BK2 should be around 20psi. Based on your description it sounds like you are leaking boost pressure through the BOV.

When I had the forge I used the yellow. I was tuned for 22psi at the time and had no issues with it.
Thanks it's much better
They use to make shims too to put under the spring. I have a yellow and a shim disk. be sure to grease it at least once a year. And they have rebuild kits cheap I do about every other year, or use to.
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