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(P2261) turbocharger/supercharger bypass valve mechanical
(P0035) turbocharger/supercharger bypass valve control circuit high
(P0335) crankshaft position sensor circuit A
(P0076) intake valve control solenoid circuit low bank 1
(P0079) exhaust valve control solenoid circuit low bank 1
(P0245) turbocharger/supercharger wastegate solenoid A low
(P0445) evap emission system purge control valve circuit shorted
(P0448) evap emission system vent control circuit shorted
(P0034) turbocharger/supercharger bypass valve control circuit low

Cranks but no start
Each of these codes are all showing pending, stored, and permanent
fried ECU or bad engine harness?
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Did you clean the engine bay by any chance?

If you did its likely water in the connectors
No i was trying to track down a potential short in a wire with my power probe and I’m pretty sure I grounded that wire out
I assume you have inspected the wire harness for obvious signs of damage? A mouse chew up on mine a while back.
Yeah I have. So here’s the thing it was running and I had grounded out the power wire to the bpv solenoid and the car then shut off
Were you getting the codes before grounding the circuit?
Or everything come on after the grounding?
Since we have malfunctions in all different systems P00, 02, 03, 04 that can only mean two things like you said bad harness(even bad ground) or bad ECU.
To test out is kinda simple. Find a connector like BOV solenoid, easy to test and it's 'malfunctioning', then find terminal for that connector on ECU connector and test for continuity, if continuity is present then bad ECU but if it's absent then bad harness.
You got a friend with another Genesis that can let you borrow his ECU to test?
unfortunately no… but I’ll have to check that in the morning the see what the issue is (checked all grounds, they are secure and seem to be fine)
Let us know what you find. Sometimes you learn the most when you fail the hardest. Let me know if you need help finding the connector number and location. Good luck.
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If you haven't already, try disconnecting the battery for a few hours to drain power out of the capacitors and then connect back up.
The easiest way to completely drain the capacitors(and remove any energy from the car and all the control modules) is by removing the battery and pairing the positive and negative terminals of the car. What happens is what manufacturers call a Hard Reset. I seen techs do it that way at my dealership.
Can't hurt to try.
Battery had been disconnected for about 3 days. Try’s to start from initial key turn. And after trying to start tach gets stuck at 7500. Here are some videos of cranking and what the tach does. 2 new items by Garrett Pugh
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You got lights on dash and only a couple codes, so it's not too bad. Think about the codes you have. Your ECU is reading ERROR when trying to read RPMs.
The key to the big question is testing for continuity between failing part and ECU connector.
Rodents are mfs.
I know it’s not rodents because I was the one that caused the car to shut off. I was using a power probe to try and find what I thought was a possible short on the positive cable to bpv solenoid and when I put the probe to the cable I basically ground it out with the negative button. This causing the car to die.
My car had the same issue out of nowhere and I had to repair the wire harness around the bov solenoid.
What are you going to try next?
well that’s why I have come here because I’m stuck on what I should do. Test the ECU or just replace it?
Welp I just pulled the trigger on an ECM I’ll let y’all know what happens.
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