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Hi guys, I followed the DIY on the fog surround delete and was wondering about the next obvious thing. Where does this air exit the engine bay? It seems like vents into the front fender liner would allow that air to exit into the wheel well instead of hitting the firewall and going around the tranny or up through the hood and the front window.

Couple thoughts though:

- has anyone done this?
- the whole point of the fog delete was to allow extra air into my CAI (and possibly help increase airflow to the IC). With this mod, I wonder if its possible I am hurting my airflow more than helping. Generally air follows the path of least resistance and when I opened up my fogs without any additional venting out of the fender bay I wonder if air builds up into high pressure which prevents airflow into the CAI. If I were to cut vents, I could lose airflow into the IC but gain airflow into the CAI since it now wants to go through the fogs and out the wheel wells instead of through the air damn into the rad and IC (path of least resistance)
- if it ends up making sense to vent my engine bay into my wheel wells, would I vent the air up or down? I was reading that counter to what you think, even though the tire is moving "down" the airflow actually goes up and over the tire. It is also best to have the least amount of air under the car, so another option would be venting out away from the tire (using angled louvers on the vent)

Thoughts? Im honestly surprised no one has written about this before on here

front fender liner vent - Google Search (this is a link to a pic of fender liner vents on an S4 I believe)
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