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FS: (SOCAL) Volk Racing CE28N Genesis 18x9.5+22/18x10.5+18 w/ tires

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Nice! GLWS!
Always in socal and never in norcal lol
i grew up in Danville, my parents are still there..

if you send a deposit i can deliver to Nor Cal/east bay next time i roll up there... ;)
these are pretty much exactly what I was looking for... either Genesis edition or in white. unfortunately I won't be getting wheels for a long time.
GLWS though.
nice!, bump for you
hope these are still available when i'm ready....bump
no body wants CE28N Genesis wheels for their Genesis Coupe?

People are :broken: around here.
You willing to sell the 2 18x10.5 +18 with out tires?
sorry i shoulda updated this

but it's sale pending complete set for my asking price.

thanks tho-
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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