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Full Bolt On's on 2.0T...

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Sorry if this has been talked about to death, but I searched and couldn't find anything! Anyways, I have a 2.0t r-spec and was wondering with full bolt ons and a tune, all on the stock turbo, what would the new 0-60 and 1/4 mile times be around? Thank you!
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wow..sorry for my useless post guys! I have no idea how I missed the sticky lol
Me, Stevejohns & Surfmavrik are having a little undisclosed contest to see who can get in the 12s 1st on OEM turbo with no 19t wheel upgrade....should be interesting as all 3 of us believe it can be done! Stay tuned, this spring should provide some suprising results!
I'm going to beat all of you into the 12's on a stock turbo muahahahahaha
With what mods?
Here's my Stage1 on OEM turbo (no 19t upgrade)

-Change engine oil to Mobile1 5W30 synthetic
-Accumulator (AGP)
-Breather (AGP)
-Silicon radiator hoses (MODE)
-Aftermarket radiator (Mishimito)
-Aftermarket radiator cap (Mishimito)
-160 degree Thermostat (GrimmSpeed) - not installing at this time
-SS turbo to DP studs (Exceladyne)
-Turbo Blanket & heat wrap tape (ProjectPTP)
-P&P/ceramic coat turbo, intake & exhaust manifolds (MAP)
-Ceramic coated SS exhaust manifold heat shield (MAP)
-Downpipe w/HiFlow converter (CP-e)
-Single exit catback exhaust (ARK)
-CAI w/surround block off from engine heat (CP-e)
-Large bore T-body (TVT design)
-Intake Manifold Thermal Barrier Gasket (Exceladyne)
-Dual stage MBC (TurboXS)
-Race FMIC & piping (Buschur)
-Aftermarket BOV (Synapse)
-BPV block off plate (Buschur)
-Aftermarket Internal WGA (AGP)
-Larger injectors (600cc EvoX)
-1 range colder spark plugs (NGK)
-WOT box (N2NB)
-50 durometer engine mounts (CP-e)
-Custom tune (Forged via PA Veocom)
-Wheels (18x8.5+22 & 18x9.5+22)(Volk TE37 Seibon Edition)
-Tires (245/40ZR18 & 285/35ZR18)(Hankook RS3s)
-Change M/T gear oil with Redline MTL90
-SS clutch line (KPR)
-Racing twin disc clutch (Exceladyne)
-Light weight single mass flywheel (Exceladyne)
-Short throw shifter (TiC)
-Aftermarket front shifter bushings (TiC)
-Boost gauge (AEM)
-Wideband UEGO AFR gauge (AEM)
-Interceptor scan gauge (AeroForce)
-Aftermarket shift knob (TiC)
-Aluminum heel/toe pedals (SRP)

The following I haven't purchased yet, but plan to:
-Aftermarket fuel lines & inline filter
-Aftermarket oil feed & return lines
-Aftermarket oil cooler
-Mini battery
-Mini battery tray

I know alot of this won't effect 1/4 mile times, but just copied & posted this from my build thread.
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