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REVV Digital is proud to present the Genesis Premium Skin, a standalone replacement for the traditional navigation system in your Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

For complete product details, visit: Genesis Premium Skin | REVV Digital

For up to date vehicle compatibility, check out our site: Buy now! | REVV Digital

What is it?
Our Genesis Premium Skin is a user interface replacement for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, designed from the ground up to offer a more professional and luxurious alternative to the typical default skin that Hyundai offers in their vehicles. Our product is truly one of a kind, and was designed to compliment the rich interior of the Genesis Coupe.

Fast: Fast as hell – just like your Genesis Coupe. From the very beginning we knew that performance would be a vital part of the Genesis Premium Skin. We spent more time than we care to remember ensuring that our skin keeps up with you, no matter how fast your lap time.

Stable: What good is performance if it isn’t reliable? Luckily, the Genesis Premium Skin is just as reliable as your stock navigation skin. Once it’s installed, expect trouble free operation that persists between car restarts. (no need to keep the software USB key plugged in!)

Reversible: The Genesis Premium Skin is completely reversible. Installation takes only a few minutes, and you can switch back to your default stock navigation skin at ANY time. Perfect for before those visits to the dealership. (default navigation skin included with purchase)

What doesn't it do?
The goal we set out to accomplish when designing the Genesis Premium Skin was to completely redesign the look of the existing Hyundai system while keeping it fast, familiar, and stable. In doing so, we did not add any new functionality to the system, nor did we take anything away. The system remains functionally identical to your existing setup, so you already know how to use it. (it just looks A LOT better while you use it)

What about updates?
Updates are always free. No BS, no hassles - we contact you when an update is available and you install it within minutes. Simple as that. The Genesis Premium Skin receives updates based on feedback we receive from users. If you have an idea, suggestion, or complaint, contact us at [email protected] and we'll discuss it.

You can find the latest pricing information here: Buy now! | REVV Digital

The best place to see the latest screenshots is always directly on our site: Genesis Premium Skin | REVV Digital

Actual in-car pictures - Night Time
Please note, taking pictures of the Genesis Premium Skin is insanely difficult at night, so excuse the graininess.

At night, the Genesis Premium Skin absolutely shines. We designed the skin to match the look of the interior gauges in the Genesis Coupe, and it looks like it's an extension of the natural materials of the car. Everything is super crisp and vivid, and best of all, it doesn't light up your entire cabin like the default Hyundai skin does.

Actual in-car pictures - Day time

We didn't just design the Genesis Premium Skin to look good at night, it also looks incredible during the day. During the day it has the same visibility as the default Hyundai skin, it just looks a lot better.


If you ever have any questions, you can write us at: [email protected]. We offer the best support in the industry, so write us anytime!


Sold? Great - buy it now! Buy now! | REVV Digital

Thanks for your interest!

REVV Digital
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