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Think he might be just showing off his photoshop skills... If so, good job on pic #1?

Maybe it missing some parts?
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wada wada wad??? should be senor genesis vs. the dark universe!
:rofl: You guys are funny.

I just snagged a couple shots a little while ago with the camera on twilight mode. I noticed a little later that the lengthy exposure streaked the tail light of a car that drove by.

I looked at it and instantly thought of the Flash. So I just whipped this up real quick because the thought of the Flash beating me in a street race before I could even take my foot of the brake made me laugh. Thought I'd share the laugh, but it sounds like I just confused most of you :rofl:

I thought the pictures were pretty self explanatory... Guess not :p

And I wasn't trying to show off my Photoshop skills, but thanks for the compliment ;)

That is all...
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That song totally enhances the images! :bigthumbup: This production just got better.
I really don't get it :dunno:
I like your hood btw

Couldn't have explained it better myself :D

And thank you sir.
Ummm your shooting skills and camera definitely needs some "flash".

Ummm your shooting skills and camera definitely needs some "flash".
lol I didn't get it too...
lol I didn't get it too...
:rofl: C'mon guys, this isn't Inception.

It's short and sweet.

1: Genesis vs The Flash!

2: Genesis

3: The Flash streaking past the Genesis

4: The End

GEEZ!!! I knew I should've just posted a drifting video :rofl:
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1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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