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Got my new wheels!!!

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Damn that boy is gipper!!!!

New wheels | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Nice choice!
Now its perfectly blacked out :)
good choice, what size are those? do u also have a drop? it looks nice!!
nice wheel choice. now lower that bad boy!
Looks good

On a side note, your glossy black exhaust tips came out lookin nice :bigthumbup:

Good job on the wife too ;)
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Hey good choice!!! these are the wheels i got for my winters but in silver. :D
Looks good! What wheels are those?
+1 very nice!
Thanks every one. I really like them. @rizor I glossed my defuser too and it make the tips look very good. @manonfire that is one of my old sabers. My new one is my fav.

I want to drop it but my wife is skeptical. My last car was droped 2" and it rode super rough.
The gloss black tips and diffuser look really clean. Great job.
tips do look really good.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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