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Group 34(D34) Optima battery install

This is how I installed a Yellow top Group 34 battery, after my factory one died after 3 years. How you do it is up to you, and am not responsible for anything beyond this thread.

Step 1- Remove old crappy battery

Step 2- Flip negative battery cable

Step 3- Pop out alternator cable tie and drill hole 1 inch closer to firewall. 1/4" bit Insert cable tie.

Step 4- Grind down the tabs by the lower mounting bolt.

Step 5- undo three 10mm nuts on the battery cable.

Step 6- Bend the two positive battery cables from 90 deg up to 45 deg, do the same for the one negative cable. Had to do this to clear top of the battery since the terminals are further in. Also since I wanted to use the factory + cover I had to trim the side of the cover for the two wires. Also the tab sticking down had to be cut.

Step 7- Grab the two red retainers the longer goes on the firewall side clipped in. The red puck is intake side. Also need a bolt 1 inch longer with thick washer about the size of a quarter.
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