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Happy Birthday To me! Photoshootin' with my new wheels

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So my buddy Justin and I were hanging out and it ended in a photo shoot haha. That was yesterday when my car was a bit more stock. All photo credit goes to Justin Chin :D

And then... these happened today... :D Avant Garde M310 19x9.5et25 all around, with 245/35 in front and 275/35 rear:

We also set out to debadge the rear, which took some work, but after a little buffing no mark left!

And here's my buddy's VW. Its pretty insane with gutted interior, roll cage, 4 point harnesses and over 400 horsepower.

Mod list is: 3000K HID upgrade, Beyond Redline Exceladyne Catback, Superlux Tail lights, and the before mentioned Avant Garde M310, 19x9.5et25, wrapped with Continental Extreme Contact DWS's in 245/35 and 275/35... Oh, and 30% tint
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Very nice!
Your ride is really clean man!
Jealous on two things, I want the Superlux, and I want a tint. Make that 3, I wants some sweet wheels too.... damn I do not have nearly enough money for all the things I want.

Sweet Ride Kraut!
thats a crazy looking house ! and sweet shots :)
Nice shots and clean ride, man. I enjoyed the pictures.
Need some of those 4" "teeth tips"..

Seriously though.. Beautiful car..
nice to see these finally installed, just needs a drop and it'll be perfect.
nice to see these finally installed, just needs a drop and it'll be perfect.
This is exactly what I am thinking too...

I always see that vw guy at the meet way down south... I didn't know he had 400 ponies tho... :dunno:

Looking Great though man. Can't wait to see it in person.
looks great. i was looking at that wheel for my red rspec.

gotta lower it!

Havoc would like to give you a birthday gift! Let me know if you need anything for your coupe, I will offer you a special Birthday Price!

Looking damn good. Tell your VW buddy that it's kind of weird to be driving around with your autocross numbers still on your car though.
Very clean and very nice! Congrats on the wheels!
everything looks great! Happy Birthday
Those wheels are nice! :bigthumbup:
In for pics of the interior/engine bay of the VW! Looks like a sleeper :)
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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