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Hi everyone,

I recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia, and shipped my BK1 2.0 along with me. Upon receiving my vehicle, I've noticed a few quirks while driving, namely referring to that of the BOV. Prior to moving, I could simply cruise at about 50/60km/hour and hear little to no induction noise coming from my BOV side of the car. Now however, even the slightest pressure on the throttle gives an audible "whoosh" from the BOV, sounding like its opening, even though my boost gauge isn't showing that I've started to build any pressure. It still holds boost as normal, peaking at 18psi at WOT, however at lower speeds is where I really notice out of place noise. Additionally, there is lots of turbo flutter that I haven't noticed before. Is this a symptom of moving to an area of higher altitude (200m higher than previous), causing the BOV to open? I also recently threw engine codes P0605 and P2110, however the CEL is now gone. Could a faulty throttle body be causing the BOV to open early?

For some background, here are my mods:

Downpipe, exhaust, forge BOV, FMIC, K&N Intake, Alphaspeed tune.

Thanks a bunch.
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