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Ok so here's the deal, just installed new Headunit and dash kit and now, Hazards and T/S won't work.

After doing forum digging, came to find out that a lot of people discovered the issue was with the hazard switch being slightly depressed or something when installing into the new faceplate, or not connected at all and this was causing the issue. Now, I have no doubt that the problem I'm having is related to this bitch of a switch but the issue I'm experiencing might be slightly different.

When I depress the switch, I get the "your door is open but the key is still in the ignition- bong, bong, bong" sound, and then the car will get power as if it is in accessory mode and the radio turns on. So there is power going to the switch for sure because it's doing "something" so it isn't disconnected. I have the airbag light connected just fine as well. No flashers actually blink though when the button is depressed. Nor do the turn signals work, even though the turn signal switch is still behaving like normal (i.e. automatically sets back to middle position after completing a turn) but I know the bulbs are good because all my lights turn on properly when starting the car, brake lights work fine, and headlights and brights work too. Just no actual blinkers or indication on the dash cluster for the blinkers.

I have tried this with AND without the plastic dash kit piece, with JUST the buttons connected so there's nothing to "depress it slightly".

Could it be that the hazard switch itself is damaged and not doing what its supposed to? someone had one for like $10 on ebay so I ordered it anyways as to not miss out, and $10 isn't the end of the world if it doesn't turn out to be the case. Just curious if anyone experienced this particular version of this issue and solved it.
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