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2014 Genesis Coupe 3.8 GT A/T
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Hi All,

I have a 2014 3.8GT and recently noticed that my fog lamps or my DRL strip isn't lighting up as it should be.

If I recall correctly, the DRL strips should light up during the day when in the auto position. They currently don't light up no matter what setting. On top of this, at night when the headlights are turned on (auto or ON position), and fog lamps are switched to the ON position, the fog lamps do not illuminate. The weird part, is that the fog lamp indicator (green light for fogs) appears in the dash.

The shop manual says this, so I tried some troubleshooting:
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I have a hard time believing that the bulbs are burnt out as both don't work, as well as the DRL I'm ruling that out.

My next option is the fuses. Another discussion hinted that maybe the MODULE 2 fuse was blown so I tried switching out 'MODULE 2' on the interior fuse box for one of the spares..didn't do anything. The manual says theres a 15A Front Fog Lamp Fuse, but I was unable to locate it..anyone know which one this is in, and in which box? I also tried switching out the 10A dedicated DRL fuse in the engine compartment main fuse luck there either.

Next to try was the Relay. I located the dedicated DRL relay in the main engine compartment fuse panel. I noticed the Horn relay and that were the same, so I switched them around and tested. No DRL's or Fog lamps lighting up. The horn still worked, so that relay was fine. I was unable to locate a front fog lamp relay, again does anyone know which one this is, and in which box?

For the front fog lamp understanding is that this is located in the dash in the interior. Since my instrument cluster reflects when I turn the fog lamp position from off to on (green light for fogs appears), does that mean I can rule out the switch?

I assume if all else fails, it's faulty wiring?

Any help would be appreciated.

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