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Help or suggestions on my ticket.

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I have been charged with the offense of Red Light. So what I basically did was turn right on a red light without stopping completely and just made the turn.

I have chosen to challenge the evidence of the officer so now I have a court date coming up. Now I know I can do an early resolution on Feb. Anyone have any suggestions or tips on what I can do. Or what's the best options I can take. I don't mind paying the ticket but as long as I get no demerits. Obviously it would be awesome if I can also reduce the amount to be paid.

Is it also true that demerits don't matter and that insurance will also see the offense?

Ticket is $325 :(
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Fighting a ticket is when you think you were wrongly ticketed for something. You performed a traffic violation, and got caught, so you really shouldn't be trying to fight it.

Instead, you can go to court and simply ask to not lose points. Who cares about the fine, its the points you should be concerned about. Most of the time, if you put in the effort to voice your end of the story, the judge will lessen the penalty. Perhaps state that you slowed down to make sure you were okay to make the turn. However, if you just show through the redlight and made the turn, then honestly you should just take responsbility for your action.
Not stopping at a red light when ur tuning right is the exact same as not stopping at a stop sign. Their is no excuse for this violation and the judge will show no pity.

Ur best bet is to take it to Points or Xcopper (since their all in cahoots) and let them deal with the demerit points. It will cost u a pretty penny but ur points will be safe.
Not stopping at all at a stop sign/red light and not making a complete stop are two very different things IMO, although legally they are the same. Now if you just blew through with not even slowing the car down, then man up and pay the ticket. If you almost came to a stop but didn't then not a huge deal in my book safety wise, provided you looked for oncoming traffic. I'm guilty of the same thing at least a few hundred times if not more in my 20 years driving. Absolutely no one else at the intersection, I've slowed down to a few km/h and just turned without making a complete stop. This is something I witness daily both in the province of Quebec and Ontario. Anyone who says they have never done this or something similar as a young driver or an old one is either a saint or a liar IMO. If you're a saint, then my hat goes off to you as there are not that many of you around.

About 10-12 years ago, there was this one newly put in stop sign that kept getting ripped out of the ground near my parents house in the back roads out of town. Some jerk decided he/she didn't like to have to stop there so he/she kept pulling the sign out. As a result of this there was frequently a police car that would park a little ways into the intersection trying to catch people who were not making the stop.

One day as I was going home, I made my stop at that particular sign as I always did. Anyways I made my stop and continued on my way and sure enough there was an officer watching, weird thing is you can't even see the stop line or the sign itself from where he was parked because it's a wooded area. About 2 kms down the road, literally like 100 meters from my driveway that cop pulls me over and says that I didn't make my stop and that if I wanted to argue with him I could do it in court. I can only guess that he was fed up of waiting to catch someone and along came the kid with the red sports car and the baseball cap on backwards and I became the perfect candidate for a ticket.

I contested the ticket of course, took pictures of the intersection from all the angles and marked all the directions/street names etc... When my court date arrived, the officer never even bothered to show up and all that was done was the judge asked me my side of the story. When I was done recounting what happened the judge looked at me straight in the eyes and said that no one in the court room could prove that what I was saying was untrue and that if I was lying then I was the one who was going to have to look myself in the mirror everyday, case dismissed. Point of my story is that some cops get off on being jackoffs and will resort to lying when they think you won't try to fight back.

I'm in no way condoning what you did but if I were you I would go through with contesting it, go to court and tell your side and hope for the best. You might get away with just the fine with no demerit points, then again maybe not, but be prepared to pay some court costs. Who knows, the cop might not show up and the whole thing could be dismissed.

It all depends on how important those points are to you.

/end rant
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What I basically did is what 80% of the drivers I see doing everyday. I did a rolling turn at slow speed. I ALWAYS check the intersection if all is clear and at that moment it was. Your right ManOnFire most of us has done it at least once that or your a saint / liar.

Anyone have any experience in early resolution. I am not saying I didn't do the offense. I admit to doing it, I just want to know my options of what I can possibly get with early resolution.
Demerit points nor the value of the ticket have any bearing on your insurance premiums.

Demerit points effect the status of your drivers licence. Get too many points and your licence can be taken away and the points saty on your record for 2 years. I think 15 points and your licence will be suspended. Failure to stop is 3 points I think.

Your insurance company generally only cares if its a major (impaired, careless, racing, etc) or a minor ticket and unless it gets thrown out of court, it will still show as a conviction of some kind. If your insurance company checks your drivers abstract and it shows a conviction, your rates may increase. Some companies dont do a check everytime and some have ticket forgiveness, so you might get lucky.

If you plan on fighting it, request a copy of the Disclosure. It basically contains the Officers notes and the evidence they will use to prosecute you. You can use it to help with your defence.
Walter text or call me when you're free and ill go over some stuff with you. I'm assuming it happened in Guelph?
You should probably be able to have the points reduced, my friend got a ticket for 100+ and went to court and asked the judge to reduce the points and luckily they did. The judge was even nice enough to lower the amount he needed to pay. My friend says he really wasn't doing 100+ plus he was in a very old Corolla that can't go that fast anyways, but who knows.
sorry for the late reply....I assume that you were charged in Ontario...formerly the only province that counted but now playing the role of Norma "Dalton" Desmond? If so, there are some folks here Ontario Highway Traffic Act | Traffic Ticket Forum | Highway Traffic Act | Ontario Traffic Tickets that sometimes offer advice. As others on this forum have noted, you probably want to really have come to a complete and not rolling stop.
Update on this. I got it reduced to $100 and no demerits on a early resolution. Ill check out that forum next time. Thanks!
Woot woot! Semi Win for walter!
But your insurance company will still see a ticket if they do a check. What was the actual ticket?
They had it reduced to something to do with failing to signal to make a lane pass..... not sure but it has no demerits.

Would they still see the previous charge?
It still goes on your record as a conviction and if yout insurance company pulls a drivers abstract when they do your renewal, they will see a ticket. They don't care about points or the fine, only the type of ticket.

Still good job on getting it reduced.
A little out of date (Edit: and very late to the punch as i see you already resolved this), but an excellent primer on ontario law and procedure:

Fight Your Speeding Tickets
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