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Help please!!!

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hi i got my agp turbo intake and have it all installed except the smaller of the two breather hoses that connect to the intake. can someone tell me where this one connects too and or a pic of it . thanks so much
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do you have an A/T? if so, you need to make a plug. theres no other tube for it to plug to on the A/T GC's
Yes its an auto. Any suggestions for what to use and all for the plug?
Go to you local auto parts store. Tell them you need a vaccum port cap. They sell them in sets of different sizes. It's just a rubber cap that will fit a little snug on the hole.
Thanks so much for the help ill run down and grab one.
or you can get a hose that fits, a bolt and a hose clamp. thats what i did lol
Go to the generic section. A bunch of red packings that say HELP! They have almost everything you need. I got mine there becuase i lost the ones that came with my hks bov kit. Its a set of 8 in different sizes, should be like $4
You could also use a brass or plastic T hose barb.
Cut the tube that actually goes somewhere half way, and insert it onto each end of the barb. Then take the hose that doesn't go anywhere and put in on the3rd part of the barb.
That way you don't just have a hose flapping around.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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