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Best course of action?

  • Say LEEEEEROYYY and just open up the engine bay myself and go ham and see what it's like down there.

  • Reach out to a professional tuning shop and see my options for them to install it.

  • Leave the stock IC on as long as possible and just say **** the DIY.

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Hi guys,

New here, so I really hope this hasn't been posted a bunch, but I did at least try the google search many times and couldn't find exactly what pertains to me... I recently copped me an absolute BARN FIND of a genesis coupe and I got some BIG plans for upgrades... glad to join the fam. I plan to upgrade the IC relatively early so that it doesn't get left behind once I finish the bigger things like turbo, exhaust, engine tune, ect... and I'm seeing online there is a LOT of discrepancies between the installations between BK1, BK2, automatic, and manual models, and most people seem to have to DIY something to make it all fit. I recently just installed a new K&N intake which has cramped the left side of my engine bay, and I'm looking for some advice/guidance before I try and jam the intercooler I (foolishly) purchased before fully researching. Basically I need to figure out if I can make the intercooler work or if I need to try and contact support for a refund or something...

I can't find ANY specific information on installing a new intercooler on a 2014 automatic 2.0t model. I see a lot of guys with '10-'12 turbos that made DIY fixes and such, and a few guys with a 2013 turbo, or even '14 manual transmission, but unfortunately I can't find any information specifically on the 2014, turbo, automatic version. From a YouTube video of a '13 automatic 2.0t, the guy had issues with the transmission and power steering cooling lines fitting on the left side of the new IC, but I can see that our engine bay layouts are totally different, his battery is bottom right of the engine bay, mine is top I'm really not sure how different it's gonna be for me. I'm expecting much of the similar issues, but I really don't want to encounter something I've never seen before while my engine is torn apart.

Anyone else out there with a '14 automatic 2.0t model that's put a new intercooler in it? From what I've seen online I can expect to have to DIY some piping to make it fit, not really comfortable doing that DIY on my first build especially without the online resources pertaining to my specific model, so if anyone else has a tried and tested method I would love to hear about it. Considering if I should see if a tuner shop to put it on, or maybe if I should just leave the stock IC since it seems to be rated for damn near 400WHP, but having purchased the IC already with a BoV flange, I'm inclined to figure out a way to make it fit rather than eat a 25% restocking fee. Even though I have big goals for upgrades/tunes and the such, the car has a FAT dealership warranty on it, so I'm really hesitant to do anything that's gonna involve permanent welding/rerouting of piping/super aftermarket stuff to make it fit, really hoping that they changed some layouts in the 2014 and my kit will fit, albeit cramped.

Sorry for the wall of text lol, thanks for reading!

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