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The inventor of CERMA guided me in this about five years ago. I had intended to put it on my SuperVT, but alas it never transpired. I have just now gotten to the point of my TGens development to actually do this. It has proven itself.

Here is an abstract :

In practice I have brought the entire engine, and all intake l air in line.

The generator is mounted just above my TB spacer which has two electrodes which are mounted in drilled holes secured with epoxy. The resulting arc between the electrodes bombards all incoming TB boost air with 20,000 volts of negative ions.

The ARC is similiar to the arc of a Police Taser, which is 50,000 volts. Very low amperage so it does not impact the cars CANBUS or battery draw. The draw is less than if you left a MX OBD reader plugged in.

To conceptualize this further for those reading and cluless, think about how any engine or car is improved by improving grounds. From this apparatus the grounding improvement is 24 hrs. even when the engine is off. The entire block becomes saturated with negative ions. Operational, all air is net negative.

This is as great as efficiency can get. This is relative to power development as well as fuel efficiency. Obviously my monster is not made for fuel efficiency. The effect on its already copious power development is unmistakable.

PS, my 100 octane custom mixed MON fuel is about 9 dollars a gallon. So the efficiency improvement is a plus.
381 - 381 of 381 Posts