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Hi Guys

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this is my first time on the forum and i just got a 2.0t coupe two weeks ago and was wanting to know some exaust info...

is there any way to get the o2 sensor housing with no cat and not through a cel?? any info would help,,,, and im sorry if this has already been discussed i just dont have a lot of time to look for it right now.... thanks....mike
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Apparently the MXP 02 housing won't throw a CEL. It has some type of catalytic "screen" in the 2nd 02 bung.
I also heard that gettin a pa reflash will work to. I plan on getting that also. Is that true?
Just the generic reflash by itself, no. A reflash that specifically turns the CEL off, yes.
ok... well what are some of the first performance upgrades i should start with...any info will be much appreciated
The Cp-e exhaust set up made a solution for the CEL as well.

If you want a easy and simple guide to build on, go to the engine section and search "beyond redline pheonix," searching it on google will probably be easiest.

Go through the pages and keep going till you find yourself with a huge post saying "stage one," goes up to stage 3.

Don't have to buy it directly from them but its a good guide for ppl who don't really know what to start with and to get a rough estimate how much hp the parts they do end up going with will get them.

gl and welcome
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