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HID Problems on my Hyundai Genesis

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Ok so about a week ago I had a problem with my HID's with my passenger side light not turning on with the car (I have them always on). Now for some reason, the passenger side light does not turn on sometimes and turns on other times. I'm not sure exactly what is the problem here. Anybody got any ideas?:confused:
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after market or stock hids?...could be a ballast or wiring toyota is like that i have to flicker the high beams on and off to get both low beams working
First, double check all your connections to make sure they're solid and secure.

Then, contact your seller and they should replace the ballast. That's my guess at the problem - bad ballast.
Who did you buy from?
they are aftermarket HID's and I bought them from Paul at Diode Dynamics. I checked the wiring and everything seems fine..

I could switch the ballasts and see if that works.. I thought it was a bad ballast as well..
u may have to run straight from your battery with a relay like i did. kinda sounds like the same issue i was having except mine would turn on then cut off after 10min.

something about these new cars thinking the headlight is blown or something when you put hid kit that are suppose be regular headlights. someone explained it to me once but i forgot.
Try switching the bulbs from left to right.

On my last Toyota with factory HIDs I had this issue and it turned out to be a bad bulb.

Sometimes it would light up, then go out after some time. Sometimes it wouldn't light up initially and turning the lights off and back on after a few minutes it would light up. I swapped the bulbs from side to side and the problem followed the bulb.

I drive in a lot of "Daylight Safety Corridor" areas, so I used the HIDs a lot. The bulbs really do seem burn out faster than Halogens. Hopefully it's just as easy of a fix for you.
I think Half Moon's answer basically sums up what is going on with my HID's right now :squint:... I will switch the bulbs and see if that makes a difference.
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