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HKS BOV Adapter???

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So I have a 2010 genesis coupe 2.0t with an HKS BOV pipe set that basically relocates the BOV to the throttle body side of the intercooler. Heres an example: ATP BOV Pipe set for HKS Bov 2010 -2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T

So you see how that pipe only fits to the base of an HKS BOV? Thats great and all, but I want to try my Forge and Turbo XS BOV's on it. Those are the triangle plate ones, just like a stock BOV. Is there an adapter I can buy that fits into that circle hole on the pipe and adapts to triangle base BOV's? Or is there another way I can get them to fit on? I tried searching for hours and didn't find anything.

Obviously, removing the pipe isn't an option. Do adapters like that exist, or am I **** outa luck?
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I would love this too. I remember looking a ton like a year ago and I couldn't find anything. I want to do EXACTLY what you're trying to do.
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