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Hks elbow + sqv BOV

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FS: Hks elbow + sqv BOV

Up for sale hks elbow (used) and sqv bov (brand new never used). In other words all the components of the hks sqv3 bov kit but im selling it with an imitation bov. Offer me something.

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pics are up
will you sell just the pipe?
yeah im highly interested in the PIPE! Cuz i just bought a BOV :p
Pm me an offer
How much for just the BOV?

pm price for the bov shipped to 11561
Is it sold ?
Is it sold ?
Not sold
$100 + shipping anyone?
I will buy it!
you do know the bov is a cxracing right? not a hks
Yes I do =) is it in decent condition? If so could you put it together for me its a pain in the ass to put together I used to have an hks. What is your paypal addy ill give you $130.00 $30.00 is for shipping let me know bro.
The elbow has been used to about 4 months, the bov has never been used at all. I fly to atl in a few mins and ill be back friday, if you can wait till then its yours
I can wait til friday =) just keep me posted but I do want this and paypal ready!
aww you beat me to it...:)
^ I just noticed your in hawaii you cruise any?
yea sure ...just let me know...thanks
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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