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HKS installed.

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Just a short clip of my new hks on the ol v6. Oh and ignore the extreme ******* in the background. quality employee ;)

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sounds real nice!
HKS definitely sounds like one of the better tones from so many exhausts. Is that a catback or axleback?
I'm in love with mine good choice and it's axle back that's the only thing they sell for the v6 I'm a die hArd hks exhaust guy
I wonder how many decibals this thing reeks? I'd love to get one on my hands if it isn't too loud. But judging from the video of the red 3.8 HKS video, it seems really loud..
This video makes it seem otherwise
No it's louder then ark 7 ism and any other exhaust it's sofar the loudest
Thanks guys!
To be a axleback its loud. but its not droning loud. I am planning on getting the Megan Racing Mid Pipe and secondary Cat deletes to make this hks sound VERY mean.
HKS FTW !!! great job i love my hks would not trade it for nothing.
Welcome to the club my brotha...
Sounds awesome!!
Congrats. Love my HKS as well!
The thing I love the most about this exhaust other than the sound is that it doesn't stick out as much as the other ones like ARKs or Stillens..
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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